InsureTech for MGAs and Brokers.

Why InsureCert?

Rating Engine
Form Builder
e-Commerce Check Out
CRM dashboard management
Automated Report Builder
API development platform
Consumer facing dashboards with full broker branding
More stuff as we think of it

Thousands of hotels recognize that Insurance is and always will be a people business. We aim to create software that enhances this relationship by bringing together all the features you'd expect.

We are focused on creating technology that delivers a seamless digital experience. We build tools that help carriers, MGAs and brokers manage risk and make their lives a little better and less stressful.

We believe in making software easy to use and are obsessive about simple, elegant design. Our APIs are flexible and scalable. As we continue to develop technology, we will always be in lock-step with agents and their clients who rely on our service.


InsureCert is a solutions company.

We are not a broker or an insurance company; we're a solutions company. We define ourselves not by the product type but by the problem type. We build what it takes to achieve our mission—irrespective of the category, product, or service our client needs.

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