Our Clients Get It

Our team works closely with capacity providers, MGAs and independent agents who understand InsureTech is the future. 


What We Do

We provide solutions for agents, agencies, MGAs, brokers, and carriers who need fast development of online products. Our unique selling proposition is our ability to quickly enable consumer-facing e-commerce shopping carts using ‘Buy Now’ technology.

InsureCert’s powerful rating engine can run remote API sessions and cut processing policy costs by at least 80% over traditional underwriting workflows. We can quickly turn any agency into an advanced digital distributor.

InsureCert securely enables the entire insurance stack; from quoting to policy issuance, commission payments and bordereau reports. Build simple or complex white labeled applications on any domain or device. Combining social networking, CRM & e-commerce, InsureCert’s gives insurance managers insight into how their producers are doing, where their customers are coming from and how they can reach more of them.

• Distribute insurance into any device or website
• Scalable, inherently secure, and built for speed
• API available for developers
• Free signup for brokers

Prefer a personal demo?

Are you a broker selling program business? Or an MGA that wants a bigger pool of brokers to sell to? InsureCert connects carriers to agents using our API rating engine. If you have insurance capacity, ask for a demo today: