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Commercial P&C

Modern processing for today's changing world

InsureCert helps MGAs keep pace with rapidly changing market conditions and commercial consumer behaviour. You don't want to make a colossal technology mistake in today's turbulent economy. You don't need a hammer; you need simple automation that works. That's InsureCert.

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Use the Opta API to rate policies.

The InsureCert Solution

InsureCert lets you easily publish manuscript policy wordings by using Google Docs, APIs & Named_Values. We make it easy to map API data fields into documents using our smart rules policy engine.

Dynamic, end-to-end pricing

InsureCert lets you create InsurTech apps in a few days. Why spend money on coders when you can configure InsureCert surveys, quotes, payments, certificates and policy issuance, and more using our rules engine. No program is too complex to work on InsureCert.  If you can put it in a spreadsheet, you can most likely re-create it using InsureCert.

Go Anywhere Coverage

InsureCert connects you to external data through APIs. Leverage our extensive knowledge of APIs and get your data talking to carriers. Insurance systems have a long way to go. Let's work together on building connectivity to get things done.

Sell like a digital leader

Build on your domain. Own your IP. Use analytics, dropped quotes, reminders and other tools that will help you quickly get online and start selling. Build simple or complex rules and conditions based on location, number of people, payment choices, and other cool things. We use Google Maps, but any API tool can be leveraged to furnish data into your rates tables.

Be a Market Leader

InsureCert helps you become a market leader in rating, pricing and personalization solutions. We'll help you break new ground by joining 3rd party APIs with a front-end form-builder application connected to our powerful Rate Calculations Engine and Policy PDF document issuance engine with auto forward emails.

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