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Multiple Events Insurance

One solution for multiple events

InsureCert's Collections provides you with the flexibility to cover multiple non-consecutive events under one policy. Like adding rows to a table, we let you apply global ratings across various events or property schedules. Underwriting fleets? InsureCert reduces the time to quote, so your brokers make you their go-to source for coverage. 

Make Easy Work from Complex Risks

With InsureCert, our digital technology improves value and offers a new proposition. We're making purchases simpler and faster, adding new elements to a product or service, and using data and analytics to make products more relevant.

Outdoor or Indoor Sports Events

From mountain bike endurance races to large marathons and triathlons, InsureCert is your solution for solving complex insurance problems. Most venues and municipalities require proof of liability and participant accident coverage before granting a permit for your event.

Insurance programs for filming, events, and facility use permits

Liability Insurance – with coverage as required by the City – is mandatory for events or activities on City and Park Board property, and for the use of any City or Park Board facilities. InsureCert creates solutions that solves evidence based policies with our self-serve client dashboard.

Fleet Solutions

If you provide fleet insurance or any other kind of commercial insurance, then contact us today. Our expert advisors can provide you with a quick and accurate assessment of how you can digitize these often complicated ratings.

Putting You First

From start to finish, our goal is to put you at ease by making you feel comfortable knowing what to expect by going digital.  We challenge ourselves constantly to put clients first and technology second by appreciating insurance will always be a people-driven business.

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