insurecert AUTOPILOT™

Automate rating and increase your ROI.

what it does

Insurance. On-time. Every time.

A replacement for outdated legacy systems.

Why waste time printing and attaching quotes to emails that get lost or forgotten. Instead, let InsureCert Autopilot tm elevate your underwriting with next gen software.

Make it easy for brokers to get quotes.

InsureCert Autopilot tm makes it easy for brokers to understand your appetite.  Create detailed quotes 24/7, sample dec pages. Offer optional premium financing.


Insurance automation built for today

Increase business by modernizing

InsureCert Autopilot tm invites brokers to join you online. Share quotes, wordings and links to product info. We use automation to help you drive business and client success.

zen woman on top of insurance contract

Drive safety and compliance

InsureCert Autopilot tm gives you total control of your risk appetite. Filter views and report on daily, weekly or monthly activity. Get a better handle on underwriting.

No change to your processes

InsureCert Autopilot tm can be fully automated into any website. No changes are required to your regular workflows or forcing staff to train or update new software.

Hit your digital initiatives

Offering InsureCert Autopilot tm is a great way to quickly transform your operations with minimal investment and meet your technology advancement goals.


Got questions?

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

What is InsureCert Autopilot tm ?

InsureCert Autopilot tm  transforms new account onboarding with automated forms connected to APIs, cutting down the number of questions agents need to answer. Get cleaner submissions, and easier account setup for new clients.

Why use InsureCert Autopilot tm ?

Cost saving primarily. Hand-coding applications to win, serve, and retain customers is expensive. InsureCert's "no-code" application streamlines configuration of web apps. We do the heavy lifting, so you don't have to.

Who uses InsureCert Autopilot tm

We work with MGA wholesalers or brokers with binding authority, what we call MGUs (managing general underwriters) These agents are ideal candidates for our service as they can explain how their ratings work by furnishing an excel spreadsheet. Our APIs mimic XLS files, like price rules, and faithfully enable them online in real-time. For standard MGAs, without price rules, we offer manual handling of quotes rating using PDF presentations and broker bill accounting.

How do we become an InsureCert partner?

To demo our products and join the InsureCert partner network, click here.

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