Briza's Carrier APIs & InsureCert's Front End Working Together

Someday, procuring commercial insurance will be effortless and enjoyable, thanks to the efforts of software developers. However, unlike other industries experiencing tremendous innovation, the problem is that commercial insurance software developers are blocked. Why? Barriers include access to carriers, unclear documentation, and the many integrations required to overcome the fragmentation of appetite. These hurdles drive project costs too high and makes timelines too slow. Briza has done the heavy lifting for you by integrating the broadest selection of carriers available through a single, unified API.

InsureCert is the front-end of insurance that integrates with Briza. Build embed insurance products and manage everything in one place. InsureCert's insurance-as-a-service provides complete policy life cycle management, from quote to renewal. Our no-code administration gives you the power to create forms, build price rules and manage policies using our feature-rich CRM dashboard.

Trust InsureCert to deliver state-of-the-art API integration, such as Boost. When it comes to customization, we have the expertise to deliver your solution on time and on budget.

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Briza & InsureCert delivers advanced solutions.

Briza gives developers the ability to add instant commercial insurance purchasing for the many needs of their users, all within a native user experience. In addition, deliver insurance from top-rated insurance carriers across the country, all in full regulatory compliance.

InsureCert focuses on creating the front-end technology that delivers a seamless digital experience. We build tools that help carriers, MGAs and brokers manage risk and make their lives better and less stressful.

InsureCert is a full-stack insurance platform that offers fully embedded direct-to-consumer insurance solutions. We have built a better front-end for insurance with a simplified user interface and a full-featured policy administration dashboard. In addition, we focus on creating technology and tools to give carriers, MGAs and brokers a seamless digital experience. As a result, manage your risk with less stress.

For Digital Brokers and MGAs

Brokers and MGAs can finally get a full-featured, flexible portal that will help them quickly go digital. In addition, we recognize that the longer it takes underwriters to rate risk, the less likely consumers will bind. So together with Briza, InsureCert accelerates the software development process helping you close more sales.

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Briza is the capacity provider who will connect you with carriers. Briza's APIs seamlessly integrates into InsureCert's front-end

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Create your own custom domain to showcase your rates and policies. Domains hold everything you need to quote online.

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Ecclesiastical Insurance

Ecclesiastical Insurance is deeply committed to protecting the needs of organizations that enrich the lives of others, preserving Canada's distinct communities, cultures and history, and supporting initiatives that help improve the lives of people in need.



Delivering InsureTech to many involved broker invites and membership accounts.


AXA Insurance

Delivering new technology solutions in real-time.


Multiple products. One InsureCert

InsureCert offers multiple configurations, display options & digital delivery of insurance. Invite brokers to join and sell your program business. Quote, bind and issue policy wordings. Do everything in one app.

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