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Connect to First Insurance Funding

First Insurance Funding is the capacity provider who will connect you with carriers. First Insurance Funding's APIs seamlessly integrates into InsureCert's front-end

Connect to InsureCert

Create your own custom domain to showcase your rates and policies. Domains hold everything you need to quote online.

Invite Everyone

Add your team, brokers, agents or anyone who you want to give access to. Brokers love our free CRM 

Ecclesiastical Insurance

Ecclesiastical Insurance is deeply committed to protecting the needs of organizations that enrich the lives of others, preserving Canada's distinct communities, cultures and history, and supporting initiatives that help improve the lives of people in need.



Delivering InsureTech to many involved broker invites and membership accounts.


AXA Insurance

Delivering new technology solutions in real-time.


Multiple products. One InsureCert

InsureCert offers multiple configurations, display options & digital delivery of insurance. Invite brokers to join and sell your program business. Quote, bind and issue policy wordings. Do everything in one app.

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