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Protect your cannabis growing business with a comprehensive insurance package that covers product recalls, general liability, property damage, and lawsuits against directors and officers.
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What is Cannabis Growers Insurance good for?

A package of insurance products is designed to protect cannabis growers from financial losses due to product recalls, property damage, lawsuits against the company's directors and officers, and general liability claims.

Who is Cannabis Growers Insurance for?

The package of insurance products is ideal for cannabis growers, including cultivators, processors, and manufacturers of cannabis products.

Why would I need Cannabis Growers Insurance?

Cannabis growers face unique risks that can result in significant financial losses. This package of insurance products provides comprehensive coverage that protects companies from these risks.

What does Cannabis Growers Insurance cover?

Product Recall Insurance covers the costs associated with recalling a product due to contamination, mislabeling, or other issues that make the product unsafe. General Liability Insurance covers bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury caused by the company's products or services. Property Insurance covers damage or loss of the company's property, including growing equipment and harvested crops. Directors and Officers Insurance covers legal costs and damages resulting from lawsuits against the company's directors and officers for breach of duty, mismanagement, or wrongful acts.

What does Cannabis Growers Insurance not cover?

The package of insurance products does not cover intentional acts or criminal activity, fines or penalties, or losses due to illegal activities.

Why buy your Cannabis Growers insurance from InsureCert?


We’ve made it easier than ever before to complete the purchase and get coverage. How easy? In just simple clicks you can have your policy!


We know the cost of insurance is a big factor for many, and that's why we keep our rates low and affordable for all. We work harder to earn your business.


At Kovr, our specialists are not only committed to give you the best experience digitally, but we are also available 24/7 to help with any concerns!


Getting a policy that does not properly protect you can cause a significant financial loss, it is our job to make sure we serve you the right product based on your need.

What does Cannabis Growers cost?

The cost of the package of insurance products depends on various factors, including the size of the company, the nature of the company's business, and the level of coverage required. A professional insurance agent can provide a customized quote based on these factors.


Suggested coverages for Cannabis Growers Insurance?

Products recall, General Liability, Property, Directors & Officers.

What's next?

The best place to start is speak with a licensed professional broker. InsureCert will connect you with a fully licensed broker that understands your business and will work with you to protect what's yours.

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