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Accelerate insurance underwriting in a digital world.

Everyone wants instant quotes. The InsureCert Platform is a full-stack underwriting environment where your agency can customize insurance apps that deliver instant quotes and let you bind policies. Built with a huge set of out-of-the-box features, InsureCert works with all insurance verticals using B2B or B2C models. Connect to  capacity sources with an APIs & offer embedded insurance.

InsureCert works on any domain. Don't waste time trying to shoehorn your ideas into legacy software. InsureCert brings your vision to life. It's easy to use and scalable. Get everything you want from an insurance automation platform.

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Build a Portal

Connect brokers & offer self-serve instant binding. Delegate authority with confidence.

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Create insurance based on location, class or events. CSOI & ACORD forms supported.

Trusted by the best insurance brands

InsureCert is a very efficient and well run system. The support provided by the staff is second to no one -very quick response and always friendly and very helpful.

Georgette Corbet ONA Insurance Brokers

Be in control with advanced portals, automated services & live chat support.

B2B or b2c Policy Automation

We'll help you manage everything from quoting to renewal reminders.  

InsureCert’s “no-code” platform accelerates app development reducing the time required to configure applications and get programs online. Design & distribute insurance programs to brokers, agents or direct to consumer on any device or website. InsureCert is scalable, inherently secure, and built for speed. We have your solution when it comes to automation.

Invite your team

Create a workspace and transform underwriting with better control over decisions.

Level up your teamwork and let underwriters connect directly to marketing agents allowing them access to carrier rates & policy wordings. Automate quotes or manually apply overrides. Review and validate applications, reduce clerical errors and minimize keying in data. With InsureCert everything is in one place making it possible to fully automate day-to-day submission from your brokers & agents.

Invite brokers

Runs on any domain, AWS servers give you total control including user access.

InsureCert is a DNS Web Service allowing highly configurable all-in-one quote, bind and issue workflows that lets you sell insurance using recurring credit cards (memberships), monthly payments or agency bill invoicing. We can run via AWS anywhere you require the data to be stored. The choice of how your deliver your invoices and policies is up to you.


Time is money. Do everything faster & easier for affinity groups, partners & managers.

InsureCert's powerful rating engine can automatically price calculate risk cutting processing costs by 80% over traditional underwriting workflows. Experience modern insurance software that runs on any domain. We are the premiere cloud insurance rating engine platform. Build embedded insurance apps and distribute capacity anywhere.

Analytics and reports

Know the current status of everything without asking.

Get up to the minute reports delivered straight to your inbox on a set schedule. Build complex calculations, loss ratios and more with our exetensible reports module. Say good-bye to frustrating, repetitive report building. Have it your way, every day.

Get the facts

Enhance your underwriting processes and cut down back and forth using our quote, binder engine. Save 1000’s of hours annually.

100% Better

Get fantastic results from our team of expert AI coders. Build quotes & policy delivery. Develop online e-commerce apps with client portals.

90% Faster

Quote, bind and issue from Django/Python admin panels. Embed custom AI scripts and robots. Bind and issue rules based policy wordings.

1,000's in Savings

Time is money. Save 1,000’s of hours annually on operational costs and coding. Increase your EBITA. We don't paint you into corners. Easily run programs.

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InsureCert is a customizable, front-end application platform for insurance. Build custom apps and invite brokers to join or sell direct to consumer. Quote, bind and issue policy wordings, COI downloads & more... do everything in one app.

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