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Put your insurance on autopilot

what it does

InsureCert Autopilot connects you to clients like never before.

A better way to get and send clients quotes.

Put your best foot forward with InsureCert Autopilot tm Get comprehensive quotes 24/7. Have clients sign, pay and self-insure.

Make it easy for clients to pay and bind policies.

InsureCert Autopilot tm  makes it easy for brokers to track submissions and get policies paid and bound. Don't let opportunity slip through the cracks.

WHY Insurecert autopilot™

The insurance software built for modern agencies.

Client facing dashboard

By giving your client the option to bind online, they can easily download their certificates, saving everyone time. In addition, it reduces E&O risk by pre-filling in data eliminating errors and mistakes.

zen woman on top of insurance contract

Drive repeat business.

InsureCert Autopilottm can be shared with anyone, including 3rd party partners like property managers or event space operators. In addition, InsureCert uses automation to drive business and client success.

No change to your processes.

InsureCert Autopilot™ can be fully automated into any website. No changes are required to your regular workflows or forcing staff to train for new software.

Hit your digital initiatives.

Offering InsureCert Autopilot tm is a great way to quickly transform your operations with minimal investment and meet your technology advancement goals.


Got questions?

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

What is InsureCert Autopilot™ ?

Transform client onboarding, track submissions, & set up auto-renewals. Enter premiums and send beautiful email presentations. Customize your front-end with InsureCert style editor.

Why use InsureCert Autopilot™ ?

Filling out applications by hand is time consuming and aggravating. InsureCert’s platform accelerates client onboarding dramatically reducing the time required to get quotes and issue policies.

Who uses InsureCert Autopilot™ ?

Producers, agents and brokers who want to go digital and don't know where to start are our ideal customers. We can help bring digitized products to any website. Automate entire workflows including payments, policy issuance and client facing dashboard & 24/7 certificates.

How do we become an InsureCert broker?

To demo our products and join the InsureCert broker network, click here.

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