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Elevate your commission


The instant way to get paid commission.


Eliminate errors on premiums, fees & taxes.


InsureCert offers convenient payment options.


Use password-free technology.

why insurecert pay

A solution that checks all the boxes.

Sell more insurance

Simple, one-click purchasing with none of the confusing jargon. Make things easier for you and your clients.

Get paid faster

The best of both worlds—connect to carriers and clients with the InsureCert IO dashboard. Track commission.

Affordable tech that fits your budget.

Get modern features you need at a price that won’t break the bank.


Got questions?

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

What is InsureCert Pay?

InsureCert Pay is a complete insurance solution that lets MGAs, MGUs and Carriers quote insurance to brokers, who in turn can send monthly payment requests to their clients.  MGAs, MGUs and Carriers set their accepted payment options, or simply set it to agency bill.

How much does InsureCert Pay cost?

InsureCert Pay is free to use. Monthly payments are quoted through First Insurance Funding (rates may vary). For example, a $1,000 policy with an annual finance rate of 6%, paid over one year (12 payments) would be $1060 ($1,000 for insurance, plus $60 for First Insurance Finance). Terms may vary and are subject to credit availability. One-time payments through Stripe or Authorize, see vendor websites for current rates.

Who uses InsureCert Pay?

We provide solutions for agents, agencies,MGAs, brokers, and carriers who need fast payment for online products. Our unique selling proposition is our ability to present consumer-facing technology using your branding.

How do we become an InsureCert partner?

To demo our products and join the InsureCert broker network, click here.

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