Last Updated: Feb 17, 2023


We use InsureCert every day to keep our team organized, connected, and focused on results. Ensuring our platform remains secure is vital to protecting data, and our highest priority.

Our security strategy covers all aspects of our business, including:

  • InsureCert corporate security policies
  • Physical and environmental security
  • Operational security processes
  • Scalability & reliability of our system architecture
  • Data model access control in InsureCert
  • Systems development and maintenance
  • Service development and maintenance
  • Regularly working with third-party security experts

InsureCert Corporate Security Policies & Procedures

Every InsureCert employee is expected to respect the terms of our data confidentiality, as stated in our terms and privacy pages. Access rights are based on the employee’s job function and role.

Security in our Software Development Lifecycle

InsureCert uses the git revision control system. Changes to InsureCert's code base go through a suite of automated and manually performed tests. Even though we thoroughly test our software, we do not accept liability for any loss of service. When code changes, we pass on upcoming changes to our database to team leaders. All changes are first pushed to a staging server wherein InsureCert employees are able to test changes before an eventual push to production servers and our customer base. We also add a specific security review for particularly sensitive changes and features. InsureCert engineers also have the ability to “cherry-pick” critical updates and push them immediately to production servers. We also work with third-party security professionals to test our web application security. As with any data, always keep daily backups when working with InsureCert.

Product Features

Administrator Management Features

  • Authentication: InsureCert administrators can have employees authenticate. If passwords are stored directly with InsureCert, we secure them using encryption.
  • User Management: Administrators can see Last Activity, Guest/Member status, and deprovision users from a central administration interface.

User Features

    Privacy, Visibility, & Sharing Settings: Customers determine who can access different categories of data like folders, templates, and checklists. You can limit a user’s access by inviting them as a Guest.


InsureCert's privacy policy describes how we handle data input into InsureCert; it can be found on our terms of service page on the signup and account creation page. Essentially, we conform to all laws and regulations in any and all territories in which we serve.


We are committed to making InsureCert consistently available to you and your teams. Our systems have built-in redundancy to withstand failures and are constantly monitored to keep your work uninterrupted. Every action on our system generates an email sent to your account's email. Your email is your backup. Make sure you retain all emails to reduce your E&O.