How AXA uses InsureCert to deliver cyber protection to corporate America.

Delivering new technology solutions in real-time.

Case Study 

Client Overview

AXA Cyber is distributed to the Acrisure network through Royal Group Services (RGS). RGS Limited (RGS) is experienced in developing unique cyber insurance solutions to protect businesses and is committed to providing best-in-class products and services. RGS is authorized under federal law to allow a group of unrelated companies (no common ownership) with similar risk to collectively purchase insurance coverage through one master policy.

The News

RGS Taps InsureCert to Launch Automated Cyber Insurance from AXA. 

RGS (Royal GroupServices), a leading cyber insurance program manager, has leveraged the InsureCert platform to distribute cyber insurance products to small and medium-sized businesses. The product is pre-rated for qualifying risks and distributed through the RGS broker network.

"We are grateful AXA & RGS share our vision of helping agents win more sales by eliminating the friction, pain, and time of getting clients bound to a policy. We look forward to continuing to work with RGS building solutions that help everyone in the insurance vertical." So said Craig Arnatt, CEO, InsureCert Systems Inc. 

Headquartered in Troy, MI and formed in 2007, RGS Limited, LLC has focused its efforts on delivering unique and superior insurance products. RGS has forged strategic and exclusive partnerships with some of the largest and most respected organizations, including Fortune 100 banks, national merchant and banking associations, international insurance brokers, and managed security providers. 

InsureCert is a direct-to-consumer SaaS automation platform forP&C underwriting based in Vancouver, BC. It allows agents to get real-time quotes, close deals, and receive commission payouts entirely online. InsureCert focuses on bridging the gap between consumer and agent using the latest technology with its code-less program builder, white-label domain branding, and responsive design. 

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Achieved Results

The classic win-win partnership! AXA's distribution expertise and InsureCert's product flexibility have allowed both partners to meet rapidly developing market needs by applying the latest InsureTech. 

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