How Ecclesiastical Insurance Group uses InsureCert to insure church events

Ecclesiastical Insurance is deeply committed to protecting the needs of organizations that enrich the lives of others, preserving Canada's distinct communities, cultures and history, and supporting initiatives that help improve the lives of people in need.


Ecclesiastical Insurance Company (EIC) understands the complex challenges of faith-based organizations. In 2019, the company set a goal to modernize its church-based special events program and partnered with InsureCertSystems Inc. to deliver just-in-time online policies covering the negligence of renters while occupying churches, schools and summer camps. 

The Challenge

Create a self-serve insurance portal using for renters of multiple facilities across Canada. Users of APEX, Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada and Edvance Christian Schools Association were the stakeholders needing a clear and straightforward approach to configuring their events and paying for insurance. 


To provide a great customer experience, EIC and InsureCert focused on three essential requirements: 

  • Locations - to give members easy search and selections of venues. 
  • Policy Issuance – to provide members 24/7 access 
  • Compliance – to ensure facility owners were automatically named as Additional Insured. 


EIC wanted to increase efficiency by streamlining the issuance of certificates of insurance by embedding Additional Insureds into certificates providing them assurances that they are protected against the negligence of renters. 

Locations solved Additional Insured requests.

Locations allow EIC to add venues, include all stakeholders by name, and incorporate their email for instant delivery of certificates. Now, users entering the website can search by location or can be provided with a QR code/weblink directly to the facility. 

When renters buy a policy, they no longer have to fill out Additional Insured information when applying for coverage. The old way also meant asking the broker to furnish a printed copy of the certificate, which required the user to forward the document to the facility manager.  

Today, InsureCert locations allow event organizers to easily handle the requirement to carry insurance for single or multi-day events throughout the calendar year into one policy. 

Location editor

Domain Branding 

Today, InsureCert provides APEX, CBAC and Edvance with a fully branded sub-domain for each program linked to the member's website, offering:


  • Location type ratings - thanks to location algorithms. 
  • Policy Issuance - including proof of insurance certificates
  • Automated reports - monthly sales data streaming to EIC


InsureCert's mission is to build a better front-end to facilitate open and accessible insurance that brokers can rely on to grow their business. 

The offer was designed to let EIC freely integrate its new technology with its existing customer base and bolster its sales teams with a technology edge. 


Since the launch, the EIC has increased stickiness with its faith-based markets by offering a fully digital online solution. 



Achieved Results

The classic win-win partnership! EIC distribution expertise and InsureCert's product flexibility have allowed both partners to meet rapidly developing market needs by applying the latest InsureTech. 

About Ecclesiastical

At Ecclesiastical, we are deeply committed to protecting the needs of organizations that enrich the lives of others; to preserving Canada’s distinct communities, cultures and history; and to supporting initiatives that help improve the lives of people in need.\

We are owned by a charitable trust

Ecclesiastical is owned by the Benefact Group, one of the largest registered charities in the United Kingdom, so giving back is central to our values and our culture. We support a wide range of charitable and community initiatives, including our Community Impact Grant, corporate sponsorships, volunteering our time and more.

We are part of a larger international financial services group

The Benefact Group has speciality financial services businesses in four countries, spanning three continents. Here in Canada, we have four offices across the country, bringing you local expertise where you need it the most.

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