How EverSport uses InsureCert to increase efficiency

Transforming data entry using API connectivity achieves the goal of increasing efficiency, delivering the promise of InsureTech.

Case Study 

Client Overview

EverSports and Entertainment Insurance offers products and services that address the complex, ever-changing needs of sports, leisure and entertainment companies. Relying on our in-depth knowledge and breadth of experience developing insurance products for some of the most highly visible entertainment and athletic events in the world, we tailor products to meet the specific needs of our clients. 

The Challenge

Data entry for events is time-consuming and is a loss to EverSport, considering the low premiums typical for single events. EverSport wanted InsureCert to connect policy issuance data with their proprietary BMS system.  

Using InsureCert's ready-made platform, our coders developed a tightly bound integration so that orders now stream into their BMS system without any manual data entry required. 

To provide a great customer experience, EverSport and InsureCert focused on three essential requirements: 

  • Seamless - data flows to the API without manual intervention
  • Policy Issuance – to provide essential data points of the policy 
  • Compliance – to ensure OFAC & existing clients don't clash

EverSport wanted to increase efficiency by streamlining the issuance of internal policy data by offering brokers a behind-the-scenes data flow solution. EverSport could then facilitate data entry, freeing up valuable resources. 

Our Solution

Within a few weeks, InsureCert provided EverSport with a thoroughly tested API connection providing full policy data entry and automation for each program linked to the company's BMS, offering:

  • Critical data - thanks to all requested data points delivered. 
  • Policy Issuance - OFAC and Existing client integrity checks
  • API integration - real-time data streaming to parent carrier

InsureCert's mission is to build a better front-end to facilitate open and accessible insurance that brokers can rely on to grow their business. 

The offer was designed to let EverSport freely integrate its new technology with its existing customer base and bolster its sales teams with a technology edge. 

Since the launch, EverSport has increased efficiency within its data center. In addition, it has recently expanded its offer to other broker programs and anticipates many more groups to come! 

Achieved Results

The classic win-win partnership! EverSport back-office workflows coupled with InsureCert's product flexibility have allowed both partners to meet rapidly developing market needs by applying the latest InsureTech. 

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