How Nicholas Hill Group uses InsureCert to serve race organizers

Multiple events through the year can present a challenge to underwriters. InsureCert solves the configuration problem with collections.



Client Overview

The Nicholas HillGroup of Colorado Springs, CO. is a rapidly growing insurance brokerage specializing in creating custom insurance products for niche markets, such as running groups, concerts, ski resorts, special events, and mountain bike endurance clubs. In 2019, Nicholas Hill set a goal to modernize the running group sector of its Active Lifestyle Division and partnered with InsureCertSystems Inc.

The Challenge

Create a self-serve insurance portal for members of Running USA, American Trail Running Association, and Race Directors HQ. Members would be able to self-quote, bind their policies and manage certificates of insurance for cities or municipalities requiring Additional Insured protection.


To provide a great customer experience, Nicholas Hill and InsureCert focused on three essential requirements: 

  • Configurable - to give members freedom and choice
  • Policy Issuance – to give members 24/7 access 
  • Compliance – to ensure insurance carriers had access to policy  data


Nicholas Hill wanted to increase efficiency by streamlining the issuance of certificates of insurance by offering members a self-serve dashboard. Nicholas Hill could then focus on developing its program business with complete autonomy. 


Collections solve non-consecutive events.

Insurance companies typically rate premiums based on a start date and an end date. Unfortunately, when it comes to race organizers, their events do not happen every day, nor do they occur consecutively. So when Nicholas Hill needed a solution to help rate their race events, they turned to InsureCert's collection algorithms. 

Collections allow race organizers to add single-day events throughout the calendar year into one policy. 

Add another event

Domain Branding 

Today, InsureCert provides Nicholas Hill with a fully branded sub-domain for each program linked to the member's website, offering:


  • Multi-event ratings - thanks to event collection algorithms. 
  • Policy Issuance - including proof of insurance certificates
  • API integration - real-time data streaming to insurance carriers


InsureCert's mission is to build a better front-end to facilitate open and accessible insurance that brokers can rely on to grow their business. 

The offer was designed to let Nicholas Hill freely integrate its new technology with its existing customer base and bolster its sales teams with a technology edge. 


Since the launch, the Nicholas Hill Group has increased stickiness with its major marathon running markets. In addition, it has recently expanded its offer to US Endurance, a mountain bike events website, and anticipates many more groups to come! 


Self-Serve Certificates

Race directors have to send certificates to multiple stakeholders for each event, like civic managers or planning departments. The burden on Nicholas Hill to send many certificates for each policy is very significant. Because of this time-consuming challenge, InsureCert created a consumer-facing, self-serve certificate dashboard. The dashboard provides race directors 24/7 access to certificates making compliance easy. This revolutionary step in putting certificate generation in the hands of race directors has saved Nicholas Hill Group countless hours.

Achieved Results

The classic win-win partnership! Nicholas Hill's distribution expertise and InsureCert's product flexibility have allowed both partners to meet rapidly developing market needs by applying the latest InsureTech. 


About Nicholas Hill Group, Inc. (NHG)

Nicholas Hill Group, Inc. (NHG) is a Colorado based insurance organization providing niche insurance products and services to clients throughout the United States.

Our Active Lifestyle Division encourages clients to pursue their passion and lead healthier lifestyles through participation in safe athletic events and the pursuit of responsible outdoor recreation. We do so by helping each client in addressing their individual exposure through the design and ongoing management of innovative insurance products.

Our Industry Trade Division specializes in helping individuals and business within certain industry classes to exceed their professional goals by limiting their exposure through the proper design of insurance and risk management products and services.

Clients include national governing bodies (NGBs), associations, membership organizations, affinity groups, 3rd party registration companies, ski resorts and a variety of sports and outdoor recreation related businesses. We also proudly represent individuals who are pursuing their passion through active healthy lifestyles.

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