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A dynamic new tool for quoting.

Easily underwrite using intelligent algorithms.

Give underwriters the tools they need to win more business. Increase stickiness with professional, branded presentations brokers will use.

Quote in the cloud and make things easier.

Our technology reduces the burden placed on underwriters and frees up their time to focus on more complex risks. Don't overspend on low premium accounts.

WHY insurecert IO

The most trusted and complete offering on the market.

Comprehensive features.

Our technology doesn't skimp on the things you need most, our PCI compliant payment APIs enable robust policies and endorsements. InsureCert offers a one-stop complete solution.

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Flexible design.

Don't be painted into a corner with legacy systems. InsureCert gives you the design freedom to express your style. Create a simple or complex solution that matches your vision.

Support channels

Each insurance product is unique. Provide better broker support using custom domains and integration with 3rd party apps. Make it all happen with InsureCert.

Your compliance partner.

Our superior software is designed to be embedded, helping brokers deliver advanced solutions that help keep their clients compliant with all stakeholders and government regs.

WHY insurecert IO

A mobile first solution

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Got questions?

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

What is InsureCert IO?

InsureCert IO is a cloud based portal designed for MGAs, MGUs & Carriers. Create online applications with real-time quotes or enter premiums manually.  Build and scale powerful web apps with ease and precision. Invite brokers to sell your programs online. We are transforming the speed at which enterprise software is built and run to facilitate the modernization of the industry with agency friendly features.

What is the main benefit of InsureCert IO?

Faster delivery is the primary benefit, helping MGAs, MGUs and Carriers respond to brokers in real-time with simplified workflows making things run smoother. InsureCert’s no-code platform is perfect for automating insurance quotes.

Who uses InsureCert IO?

InsureCert is API enabled designed to work for a broad cross-section of risk managers, MGAs, MGUs and Carriers. In addition, InsureCert can be embedded into applications for anyone who needs just-in-time coverage such as renters, lessors, associations or groups.

How do we become an InsureCert partner?

To demo our products and join the InsureCert partner network, click here.

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