InsureTech for MGAs

Why InsureCert?

Adaptable, rules-based underwriting
Manual or automated approvals
Svelt / Angular / Java Template Front-end
Broker invitations, token authorizations or consumer-facing
DNS domains
Policy issuance, timed-based policies.
Blockchain smart contracts
Bitcoin insurance payments
Endorsements, renewals, invoicing 
Easy to create, repeatable reports
Self-serve certificate dashboards
Broker branding (embedding)
Custom API integrations
More stuff as we think of it

We think Insurance is and will always be a people business. We aim to create software that enhances this relationship by bringing together all the features you'd expect.

We are focused on creating technology that delivers a seamless digital experience. We build tools that help carriers, MGAs and brokers manage risk and make their lives a little better and less stressful.

We believe in helping our fellow insurance people make great software. We are obsessive about simple, elegant design. Our APIs are flexible and scalable. As we continue to develop technology, we will always be in lock-step with brokers and their clients who rely on our services.


InsureCert is a solutions company.

We define ourselves not by the product but by the problem we solve.

Lets talk.

All your processes are in one easy-to-use automated platform. Onboard faster, delegate easier, and reduce errors. We can finally stay focused on the work that matters.