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Location-Based Insurance

Insurance Relies on Locations

With insurance, nearly every data point has some relationship to location. Location data helps insurance companies advertise their services, find their customers and analyze potential risks. Underwriters can pre-define Additionals Insured or Loss Payee with our location-based tools, making certificates quick and easy.

Advanced Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence (LI) is becoming a core part of most enterprise business strategies, including P&C insurance. Accuracy, Precision, Quality and near real-time data are the key factors when choosing the right partner company and investing in Location Intelligence(LI) technology. Trust InsureCert to deliver the tools you need to meet the future.

Get Better Performance

Improve your conversions with insurance solutions from InsureCert. Accelerate decision-making and improve results across the entire policy lifecycle with fast, sophisticated automation. Streamline critical business processes, control costs and gain insightful business information with our unmatched combination of quoting and binding automation.

Identifying  Localized Risks

InsureCert helps the insurance industry establish appropriate fire insurance rates for residential and commercial properties by providing real-time API access to Fire Insurance Grades. These grades—the only of their kind in Canada—are specifically developed for the Canadian insurance community and provide a standardized measure of the adequacy of fire protection in every community in the country.

Instant Rates, Instant Satisfaction

By rating hazard data by location, the underwriter can quickly price rate factors and deliver quotes with one click. Experience increased client satisfaction and growth across every line of business when you accept multiple payments methods using Stripe Checkout. Use location analytics, creating a collaborative environment between you and carriers.  

Discover New Opportunities

Map customer journeys with survey analysis and leverage data to reduce claims by variable deductibles. Plotting customer relationships can go a long way to improving conversion. Use our built-in style editors for total control. 

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