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Subscription-Based Insurance

Lead the Payment Revolution

Subscription-based insurance (SBI) is fundamentally changing the P&C insurance landscape. Customers are now demanding personalized insurance options that align with their budgets. In addition, with pay-as-you-go insurance baked into subscription models, insurers can stay ahead of other emerging consumer trends. InsureCert's AI and machine learning can turn your capacity into a money machine. Talk to us today to find out how easy it is to get started.

Today’s consumers want convenience

For several years, subscription-based policies have been a hot topic of conversation in the insurance industry. See subscriptions as a means to unlock growth, strengthen customer relationships by enriching the core value proposition, and boost your overall profitability.

Reduce costs and risk with automation

By offering subscription-based policies, you can embrace the on-demand opportunity (e.g., insurance for trips, for gig economy work) with a monthly payment. In addition, subscription payments help consumers reduce their risk profiles, lead healthier lives, and offer more value-adding engagement opportunities.

White label solutions

Today's customers want the convenience of a fully integrated customer experience. Give your brokers a visible brand creating stronger loyalty through white labelling policies. Create opportunities for co-branded partnerships and new routes to market.

Growth through technology

The ever-increasing usage of IoT-connected devices provides an opportunity to change consumer behaviour and expectations fundamentally. Consumers expect ease of purchase, flexibility, tailored offerings and personalized pricing. That’s the baseline, and subscriptions can help you excel.

Elevated customer expectation

Subscription insurance offers clear benefits for policyholders, including buying policies not as discrete products but as a set of dynamic services. In addition, it puts the consumer in control – targeting a common critique of the insurance industry – with advice and information available as needed.

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