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Why InsureCert?


We’ve created a holistic solution for underwriters wishing to quote, bind, and issue policies online. Craft any insurance solution your business model requires.


Our level of integrity sets us apart–we’re always transparent and honest, even if it means recommending a solution for you that does not result in a sale for us.


Experience InsureCert's dedicated AWS Server solution ensuring 99.9% uptime. We're building the best policy platform available anywhere.

Trusted by forward thinking carriers & agents.

More SAAS for less. Way less*.

We're delivering instant AWS hosted solutions for Carriers, MGAs & Brokers

We are focused on bringing you the latest technology connected to capacity schemes and affinity programs that help deliver insurance through underwriters customized for their agents and brokers. We help you manage the entire policy lifecycle. At InsureCert, we provide unmatched expertise and a collaborative approach to help agencies build their online presence. Our Vancouver-based operations are supported globally through regional AWS deployments delivering AM Best A+ and "A, Exceptional" financial stability policies to MGAs, Brokers and other trusted partners throughout the insurance industry stack.

An ally of the innovator

Our dedication to our profession knows no bounds. We develop our insurance SAAS technology for insurance brokers. Why choose us? we are also brokers with extensive experience in underwriting and specialty markets with an appreciation for supporting your back-office while providing a great front-end to bolster image & reputation when providing coverage to companies and individuals across all business sectors.

Insurance is complex — Software shouldn’t be.

We aim to remove the complexity of insurance SAAS quoting and getting approved for binding. At InsureCert, we give you a configurable AWS server with all the bells and whistles already plugged in. We give you full control of emails, rates, PDF quotes, payments, and muchmore. The Landscape for risk is always evolving, with increasing regulations and challenges. InsureCert aims to solve these challenges with 100% compliant certificates using locations, short duration or special event based policies. Our just-in-time insurance architecture delivers you everything you'll need to sell insurance online -all in one platform.

Server-in-the-box Solution

Our dedicated server-based solution is unique within the insurance SAAS technology space. We offer MGAs and their connected brokers a cutting-edge codeless, configurable solution connected to insurance carriers and reinsurance through APIs.

* Feature for feature, InsureCert blows more expensive solutions out of the water.

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