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April 10, 2024
We can build custom apps for your agency. Connect to carrier APIs.

InsureTech that makes insurance a snap

InsureCert is an all-in-one quote, bind and issue platform that lets you sell insurance online using payment gateways.

What is InsureCert?

InsureCert is a rating & policy issuance engine for insurance, and so much more. It’s your company’s digital HQ for everyone & everything.

Move more efficiently through your day

The key to productivity inside InsureCert is creating programs to hold all your rules and documents. With all the forms, ratings and files related to a risk in one place, you can move a whole lot faster.

Get things done, on your own terms

Give yourself the flexibility to work when, where and how you work best. Take control of notifications, collaborate live or on your own time, and find answers in conversations from across your company.

Simplify insurance for everyone

Give everyone you work with—inside and outside your company—a more productive way to stay in sync with their coverage. Respond faster with instant quotes, keep everything in one place, and simplify all your underwriting.

Faster ROI, happier clients.

Our products are designed to cut down on quote processing time through better access to rates & policy documents using codeless technology. Get more, faster, for less.

Add programs

InsureCert provides Managing General Underwriters (MGUs) with a full-featured, flexible portal that will help them quickly go digital. We recognize that the longer it takes underwriters to rate risk, the less likely brokers will bind. At InsureCert we accelerate the quoting process, helping underwriters close more sales.

Create forms

We make it simple for program administrators to convert your intake forms, add validation steps, display rules, and define outcomes of the decision tree. In addition, our flexible webpage builder allows designers to control the look and flow of your forms, to ensuring a smooth start to finish application. You can even require signatures during checkout, helping you stay compliant.

Edit rates

InsureCert Autopilot™ is our secret sauce. Gone are the days of paying coders thousands of dollars to build custom price rule algorithms. With InsureCert Autopilot™ you can upload your spreadsheet data into the question datasets and experience real-time no-code updates.

One click policies

At the heart of our platform is the InsureCert IO policy management dashboard. Underwriters can access suggested pricing and accept or make real-time rate adjustments here.  By automating the operations that slow underwriters down, we make their day more manageable, creating a happier team.

Your key to a better online experience.

We define ourselves not by the product type, but by the problem type. We’re a solutions company, and irrespective of category, product, or service, we build whatever it takes to complete our mission— helping underwriters close more sales.

Lets talk.

All your processes are in one easy-to-use automated platform. Onboard faster, delegate easier, and reduce errors. We can finally stay focused on the work that matters.