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Welcome to the only full-stack insurance platform that offers both bespoke broker portal technology and embeddable e-commerce (consumer facing) web applications. With a simplified user interface and full-featured policy administration dashboard, we've built a better front-end for insurance. We focus on creating technology and tools to give brokers a seamless digital experience. Manage risk with less stress.

We hope this guide serves you well as you build the future of insurance with your Carrier and MGA partners.

This section provides an initial introduction to the broker tools that will enable you to connect and start selling.

Getting Started

The InsureCert platform supports end-to-end digital insurance processing, allowing you to serve your customers well past the purchase of a policy. We power the entire lifecycle of an insurance policy, from quoting and binding to endorsements and renewals.

Lead-to-Sale Policy Features

  • Quotes
  • Policy Issuance
  • Billing

Full-Cycle Management Features

  • Midterm Endorsements
  • Renewals and Cancellations

The InsureCert Difference: Full-Cycle Policy Administration

To help visualize InsureCert's core actions, we’ve provided illustrative workflows throughout this guide. Below you will find a few of the important ones to get you up to speed.

  1. Create Account
  2. Joining Programs

Once you are connected to a program you can administer policies.

  1. Creating Quote
  2. Printing Quotes
  3. Binding
  4. Invoicing
  5. Midterm Endorsements
  6. Renewals


Create Account

To create an account head over to and sign up.

  • Choose your agency subdomain:  This is the prefix domain at where you will login and find all your quotes, records and policies.
  • Enter your work email
  • Choose a password (minimum 6 characters) 

Create account panel

If you received an invitation email from a participating Insurance Carrier or MGA, you will be sent to this signup page. Select a new domain, enter your email and password, and agree to the terms and conditions of use.


InsureCert takes data security seriously. Your information, quotes, client information and policies are not shared with other brokers or agencies.

In this digital world where personal information can be collected, used and shared with ease, Canadians are becoming increasingly concerned about their privacy. More and more people are choosing to do business with organizations that recognize their security concerns and demonstrate sensitive handling of personal information with a superior level of care.

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) sets the ground rules for how businesses subject to the law must handle personal information in the course of commercial activities.

Verify your account via email

Open the email and verify your account

Joining Programs

If you have been invited to a program, the invitation will show up in the Programs menu. Find Your Invite by clicking Programs > Invites > Join

You are invited to join a program

Carriers and MGAs that have created programs on InsureCert will send you an invitation. Once you are invited, you will see a red icon indicating that you may connect and start selling their policies.

To join a Program, click the blue Join Button and then refresh the page.

The Dashboard

Once your account is verified you will be taken to your new account dashboard. dashboard

The primary dashboard screen shows you the key metrics of your performance.

  • Gross written premium across all lines
  • PIF - policies in force
  • Total pending orders
  • Total paid commission
  • Quote to bind ratio
  • Broker performance


Starting A New Quote

After you join a program, you are ready to quote. There are two ways to begin a quote;

  1. Open a quote from the dashboard
  2. Open a quote from your website (preferred)

Dashboard Quotes

Click Programs at the top of the page to access all of your programs.The New Quote button is located to the right of the program

Embedded Quotes

Copy the embed quote to your website. To create quotes directly from your website, copy the embed code and send it to your website designer.

Copy the embed code and send to your website designer.

Paste the code into your website. The embed code should be placed into your website as an HTML Embed.

Style the button. Place the button code inside a wrapper and stylize as desired.

Your new quote button embedded into your website

Configure and Review Quote

Now you or your client can complete surveys and get quotes online. If quotes are not immediately available (do not meet automatic quoting parameters), they will be referred to an underwriter for immediate review. Our system pushes notices directly to underwriters so you do not need to forward the client's information.

Once the survey is complete, the system will generate a quote summary and price. Click the "I Agree" button in terms and conditions to continue.

If your administrator has enabled online payments, you will see instant payment options.

If your program administrator has set invoicing to broker bill, save your quote. You will need to open the saved policy in the Policies menu and bind manually to generate an invoice.

Save the quote if you wish to send to your client.

Close the quote window when you are done by clicking the top right X icon.


If Your Quote is Pending

At the heart of InsureCert is a robust policy administration dashboard. Click Policies at the top of the IO dashboard to see all your quotes, policies and endorsements. You can filter each record by the Status;

Filter policies by status

  • All: Shows all records
  • Quote:  Show records that are still in a quote stage - not submitted.
  • Pending:  Quotes that have been submitted that are ready to bind or need approval from the program underwriter
  • Unpaid:  Quotes that have been approved and are ready for payment
  • Approved:  Quotes that have been approved and are ready to bind
  • Bound:  A policy is in force
  • Cancelled:   Policies that have been cancelled by the broker
  • Declined:  Shows quotes that were rejected or declined

Open a policy by clicking the Program Link

Download the quote and forward to your client.

Use the drop down menu to download PDFs of the quote & invoice

Pending Approval

Your program underwriter determines whether submitted quotes require review by the carrier or MGA. If you have created a quote that requires approval before binding, the underwriter receives a direct request to review your submission. Once the order is accepted, you will receive an email notice and the Status will change to Pending Approval.

Some orders require underwriter approval.


Bind a Policy

After the quote has been reviewed with your client, you are ready to bind a policy. Set the Start Date and and then click "Accept & Bind" to trigger the binding request. Your confirmation will be immediate. The policy and receipt will be emailed to your account email.

  • Set the Binding Date
  • Click the Blue Accept & Bind button

Reload the page to see the new Download menu.


What to expect

InsureCert will notify you of all transactions via email. Depending on your program configuration, your carrier may require that all quotes are sent directly to the client rather than through the InsureCert automated email engine. Listed below are the default actions that trigger emails. If you wish to discuss custom handling of your client email, please contact us.

  • Quote creation
  • Pending to approved
  • Pending to bound
  • Cancellation
  • Renewal notices
  • Endorsements


Connecting to Payment Processors

InsureCert supports three different billing/payment options:

  1. Credit cards
  2. First Insurance Premium Financing
  3. Agency Bill

Your program underwriter will set the payment options available to you or your clients at checkout.

  1. If your program accepts credit cards you must connect your account to a Stripe account. Visit and enable an account. Once your account is enabled, you can connect your account through the Billing Page > Connect to Stripe option
  2. If your program accepts First Insurance Premium financing, you must have First Insurance account. Visit First Insurance and create your broker account. Once your account is enabled, you can connect your account through the Billing Page > Connect to First option
  3. If your program is setup for Agency Bill, you or your client will checkout with no payment. Your agency must collect the funds from your client and remit manually to the carrier/MGA.


Receiving Automated Bordereau Reports

You can create customized reports and set them to run automatically on daily, weekly or monthly schedules. Reports can contain a wide array of data points and can be customized for various departments within your organization.

To Get Started, click Reports at the top of your screen and then +Add Report

Adding a custom report

Set the main parameters for your report

Configure the primary settings for your report

To add columns to your report, drag or click from the left table to the right table.

Drag or click available data points from left to the right

Save your report by scrolling to the top of the report builder window.

Save your report to activate and run the schedule


Create an endorsement quote

To change a policy mid-term, open the policy and click the Endorsement button on the right side of the page. A new policy will open (the endorsement) which will start the survey over. If you change an answer that effects the premium, an endorsement quote will be generated in the summary. The endorsement quote shows the  additional premium.

Find the bound order you wish to endorse

Click the endorse option

The additional endorsement premium is shown


Setting up your accounts

To receive commissions directly into your bank account, connect your Stripe account through the Billing page of your InsureCert account. Under your email address is the settings menu. Open the Billing page, complete all your address information and save your details. Once you save your information, you will be able to connect your Stripe and First Insurance Premium financing accounts.

Save your billing info

Connect to Stripe and First Insurance Premium Financing


Automated renewals

InsureCert sends renewal alerts to remind you to contact your insured. Depending on the program configuration, a renewal link is either emailed direct to your client and/or only your account. Renewal links are cloned policy records containing the expiring policy information. Opening a renewal link will show the survey summary with with answers from the prior year and the premium for renewal. The user is asked to review and edit answers as needed. Any changes to made will revise the quote to reflect a new premium. You or your client can checkout with the updated premium quote.

If your program is set to Agency Bill, you will have to bind renewal quotes as you do with original policy binding procedures.

Policies do not auto-renew. User intervention by the broker or client is required.


Branding programs

If allowed by your program underwriter, you can upload your logo. Look for the Green Program name. Green indicates a program that can be branded with your company logo.

Green programs indicate it is brandable

Upload your logo

Additional Settings

The settings menu is available under your email in the top right corner of your dashboard.

Billing Info:  Set your agency name and address, then connect your bank account.

Members: Invite your team or assistants to join your account on InsureCert.

Name & Password:  Update your login name and password.

Branding:  Change the logo on your InsureCert IO dashboard.

Brokers:  If you are a program owner, you can invite brokers to sell your product.

API:  Reserved for custom connections.

Logout:  End your InsureCert session.

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