InsureCert uses Intelligent Automation to put Vancouver Business Insurance on cruise control.

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Story by Taylor Young
March 13, 2023

Vancouver Business Insurance Broker Innovation.

InsureCert, an insurance automation service, has recently implemented intelligent automation (IA) to enhance customer support and streamline repetitive tasks.  With the help of IA, InsureCert has helped brokers to handle over 250,000 transactions across the United States and Canada just in the last twelve months.

InsureCert's adoption of Intelligent Automation empowers broker to achieve affordable process optimization, increased productivity, and timely completion of tasks. The incorporation of this cutting-edge technology allows for the creation of an environment in which the workforce can allocate their time and expertise to higher-value activities, and leave the repetitive tasks to the machines.

InsureCert’sCEO, Craig Arnatt, highlights the firm's use of system data to develop a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers, their needs, and the InsureCertofferings. This has allowed the company to identify opportunities to deploy IAand automate low-value processes, such as managing customer email inquiries.This means that queries like resending certificates or rescheduling payments can now be processed automatically and in real-time.

By automating repetitive tasks, InsureCert can improve broker/client support tickets and increase efficiency and productivity. Mr. Arnatt notes that the human element remains crucial in any digital transformation and that the technology works best when everyone in the team takes responsibility for the customer experience.

Frontline brokers can also be involved in technology projects as they are often the best resources for understanding customer pain points and common requests. Being adaptable can help a company transition to use advanced technologies. Mr. Arnatt advises that starting with quick and easy wins is an effective way to prove the case for further investment by agencies like MGAs or carriers looking to offload strategic digital initiatives.

InsureCert's intelligent automation has allowed the company to offer brokers better customer support while freeing time for staff to work on more valuable tasks. With the help of IA, the company has been able to automate low-value processes and improve efficiency without compromising the customer experience.

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